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Who we are

Vita e Pensiero Bookshop - Milan

Founded in the early 1900s, Vita e Pensiero is one of the longest-established Bookshops in Milan.

Set in the cloisters of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the Vita and Pensiero Bookshop is housed in a building designed by Giovanni Muzio. It was completely renovated in 2004 upon a design by the architect Giovanni Galla.

The 450 m2 of floor space is entirely dedicated to the exposition of the Bookshop’s extensive catalogue - about 30 thousand titles - strongly oriented towards non-fiction: psychology, sociology, pedagogy, law, economics, history, literary criticism. Readers will also find an extensive area dedicated to classic and contemporary literature, a selection of foreign language books and a large part of the catalogue of our University press: Vita e Pensiero

All events, services and sales are designed and dedicated primarily to students, professors and University staff but are also available to the general public outside Università Cattolica. Among the services dedicated to users: bibliographic research, submission of Italian and foreign books’ requests, exclusive discounts for students, professors and administrative & support staff, special promotions launched by the main Italian publishing houses, payment with 18app, professor/instructor’s card and Cadhoc.

The Bookshop website was inaugurated in 2014 making it possible for all readers to consult the catalogue directly from their computers or portable devices. To date, the entire catalogue is also available for online purchases through home delivery or free collection at the University campus.

In 2018, the Vita and Pensiero Bookshop extended its retail services by inaugurating a sales corner for the Università Cattolica official merchandising: a comprehensive and constantly updated catalogue available at the University campus or online.

The Brescia Bookshop

The Brescia Bookshop, in Via Trieste 17/d (adjacent to the Brescia campus entrance) has been part the University of Brescia since 2004 and also functions a meeting point for the entire city. 

It aims to provide every type of user with an extensive collection of Italian and foreign publications for personal and professional perusal and a cultural space for meetings with authors, events and training sessions.

From linguistics through to literature, history and philosophy the extensive library comprises every subject area and, true to Brescia pedagogical tradition, over the years the area dedicated to human sciences has become an important point of reference for scholars and operators in the social sector.

The family unit is also catered for with the “Essere Genitori” (Being Parents) section and there is an large area entirely dedicated to BES (Special Educational Needs) with in-depth materials on topics such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and autism. The extensive teacher training section provides current bibliography relevant to educational and professional development.

The children’s area focuses particularly on mini-readers (3-6) and has a subdivision dedicated to books for kids with disabilities, plus, a didactic games section.

The Library is equipped with expertly selected Italian and foreign databases for bibliographic research in the catalogues of the publications in commerce and in the antiques sector.

Here are some of our services:
• Special discounts for students, professors and schools; • loyalty card with points accumulation for students and professors/instructors; • possibility of purchase with PROFESSOR/INSTRUCTOR’S CARD and 18app; • non-book department; • instant book-covering service with CoLibrì System; • multimedia workstations for bibliographic research; • book presentations and meetings with the authors. In 2019 the Library enhanced its stock and services by inaugurating the sales corner for the Università Cattolica’s official merchandising.


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