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    Can I access with the University credentials?

    If you are a Student, Alumnus or Professor at the University or if you belong to the Administrative and support staff, you can access by entering your university credentials: in this way you will automatically be recognised in the Portal and you will therefore be entitled to the promotions and discounts reserved to you.

    Enter the “Login” section and click on “Access from here”.


    How can I make a new registration?

    If you are not registered in the Portal and if you do not have University’s institutional credentials, to use the e-commerce portal you must register. Registration is free.

    Enter the requested data in the “Register” section and complete the procedure, confirming registration from your email account. After these steps, you can start using our web portal.

    It is important to enter a valid e-mail address in order to receive confirmation of orders, information related to the shipping of products and other useful information.

    The password can be any word or combinations of letters easy for you to remember. We suggest that you use o  both letters and numbers avoiding, for security reasons, publicly known numerical combinations such as your date of birth and telephone number. The password cannot contain special characters (for example "()!?-_/") or accented letters.


    How can I change/recover my password?

    If you are already registered, but have forgotten your password, you can request a new one, through the “Forgotten password” function in the login screen.

    You will receive the password at the e-mail address you have used to register in the Portal.


    If you are a Student, Alumnus or Professor of the University or belong to the administrative Staff, to reset the password you must recall the “Change password” function or “Forgotten Password” function in the authentication screen.

    Please note that the change will be extended to all University applications.


    Why do I have to register?

    Registration in the Portal allows you to be recognised and to access your personal area “My account” from which you will be able to:


    -       Update personal data.

    -       view your  sent orders.

    -       Check the delivery status of your sent orders.

    By registering, you will also be able to:


    -       Benefit from promotions and discounts reserved to you.

    -       Create a wish list of products you want to monitor for any future purchase.


     Who can see my data?

    Your data will only be used by the Bookshop of Università Cattolica and by companies(such as couriers, banks, e-commerce services suppliers) the support the University in managing products orders.

    Under no circumstances your data will be  transferred to other companies not involved on the management of your order.

    In order to be informed about promotions and offers relating to services and products offered by the University Bookshop you must give the consent to the processing of your data for marketing purposes.

    At any time you can decide to revoke the consent given by accessing your personal area.



    How can I look for products? 

    If you have all the necessary information (title, author, ISBN), enter them in the search bar at the top; otherwise, you can browse our catalogue and move to the various thematic areas.

    If the book you are interested in is available , you can put in  the shopping cart and complete the order.

    If, instead, the book cannot be ordered, you will find a link for requesting information about it.

    You will also find the merchandising catalogue of the University from which you can buy clothes, accessories and stationery.


    Can I buy university books?

    If you are a student of the University and want to find out which books you need for the courses you are attending, you can carry out a search leafling through our “Adoptions” section divided by faculty.


    How do I make an order?

     The products you want to buy that are available to be ordered are marked with an icon, which allows you to put them in the shopping cart.

     The  shopping cart can be filled  until the payment. When you have finished your purchases, confirm the shopping cart content.

     Once you have paid, the shopping cart cannot be changed.

     For any products you don’t find or which cannot be purchased, you can contact us via the form found on the site


    Where will the product be delivered?

     Products bought online can also be collected from the University’s Bookshops.

     When confirming the order you can choose:

    -       pick-up FREE OF CHARGE from the Università Cattolica Bookshops in Milan and Brescia, 

    -       delivery to the address you provided by courier.


    For students, Alumni, academic and administrative staff of the University products bought online can also be picked up from the reference points.


    Shipping expenses are euro 5.50 throughout the country .

    For deliveries abroad please contact us at the address


    How do I check my order?

     You can check the status of your order directly in your personal area. 

     When the order is shipped, you will receive a notification e-mail with the link for following the delivery.

     The delivery days indicated in the purchase should be intended as working days.

     If you want to cancel – fully or partially  - an already confirmed order, you can contact us at the address or This option is available only when the order is “in preparation”; once sent, the order can no longer be changed.


    When is the order sent?

    When the order is ready to be picked up you will receive an e-mail at the address entered during registration/access.

    If the all the products purchased are not immediately available, the Bookshop reserves the right to proceed by sending them when the whole order is available.

    If you want to receive the product that are already available, you can contact us at the address or


    How much time do I have to pick up the products?

    Once you have received the e-mail you have 14 days to pick up your order. After these days, you will receive a new reminder to pick up your order.

    After another 7 days it will no longer be possible to pick up the order: the order will be cancelled and, at the same time,
    the refund procedure will be started. You will be notified of this by e-mail.


    If I don’t pick up the products how do I get reimbursed?

     If you don’t pick up the product, the amount spent will be refunded to you. Payments with 18app or Carta del docente, as per Ministerial provisions, do not allow a money refund, nor a re-credit of the amount of the bonus; in these cases, will be issued an online voucher of the same amount and duration, that can be used in a single solution on the Portal and only for purchasing books.

     For further information you can write to or




    How can I pay?

     You can pay by Credit Card (Visa, VPay, Mastercard, Maestro, Nexi, Masterpass, PostePay), PayPal, 18app and Carta del Docente

     No payment by cash is allowed.

     It is not possible to pay at the pick-up point.


    Can I receive an invoice?

    Yes, by selecting the appropriate tick during payment and order closing.

    Therefore all the relevant fields must be filled in correctly:


    -       fiscal code, for individuals.

    -       fiscal code, VAT number and company name, for companies and free-lance workers.


    The invoice will be sent attached to an e-mail immediately after the products have been sent for delivery.

    The delivery note, valid for exercising the guarantees, will be attached, inside the parcel.



    4. RETURNS


    Can I exercise the right of withdrawal?

    You can exercise the right of withdrawal of the goods purchased on our site within 14 days of receiving the same. 

    To request a return, contact us at or at we will send you our authorisation and all the instructions necessary for proceeding.

    For further information please consult the section “Right of withdrawal and reimbursements” in the Sale Conditions.


    I have received a product I haven’t ordered. What shall I do?

    If you have encountered a non-conformity in the delivery, please contact the address or specifying the problem in the details. We will carry out all the warehouse checks necessary for verifying the mistake.


    I have received a faulty/damaged product, what shall I do?

     If you have received a faulty/damaged product, please contact us at the address or specifying the problem in the details so that we can proceed with the replacement of the product.


    In my order there is a product missing, what shall I do?

     If you haven’t received a product, please contact us at the address or indicating the missing product. We shall proceed with sending you the product.


    How and when will I be reimbursed?

    If you paid by credit card or by Paypal, you will be reimbursed by a credit for the amount made on your card. According to law, reimbursement must be made within 30 days of the return of the products. 

    The payments made through 18App and Carta del docente, as per ministerial provisions, do not allow a cash refund, nor a refund of the amount on the bonus credit; in these cases, an online voucher of the same amount and duration will be issued, which can be used in a single solution on the Portal.

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