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Cognitive Analysis of Decisionmaking

Cognitive Analysis of Decisionmaking
title Cognitive Analysis of Decisionmaking
subtitle The Case of Israel in the October 1973 Conflict
Collection Università/Relazioni internazionali e scienza politica
Publisher Vita e pensiero
libro Book
Pages 96
Published on 2012
ISBN 9788834323229

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The dynamics that underlie information processing in foreign policy decisionmaking, the resultant biases and errors, and implications for the quality of decisions are tested with reference to Israeli decision making during the 1973 conflict. The book focuses on how Israeli decision makers faced the unavoidable tasks of assessing risks and forming risk preferences in the buildup to the conflict. It emphasizes the way some key assumptions shaped the cognitive filters through which information was processed and how this led to a narrow framing of the choices that were available. At a broader level the book makes the case that the way a particular war is initiated, and even more importantly, the manner in which the outcome of a particular conflict is conceptualized, directly affects the standing of actors in the international system.

Author biography

Matteo Legrenzi is Associate Professor at the School of International Relations of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. He holds a D.Phil. in International Relations and an M.Phil. in Modern Middle Eastern Studies from St. Antony’s College, Oxford University. He studied Arabic at the American University in Cairo. He previously wrote one monograph: The GCC and the International Relations of the Gulf: Diplomacy, Security and Economic Coordination in a Changing Middle East (I.B. Tauris).
He also edited: Beyond Regionalism? Regional Cooperation, Regionalism and Regionalization in the Middle East (Ashgate Publishers); Shifting Geo-Economic Power of the Gulf: Oil, Finance and Institutions (Ashgate Publishers); Gulf Security: Legacies of the Past, Prospects for the future (Routledge). Before returning to Venice, his hometown, he taught in Oxford, Ottawa and Seoul winning the Capital Educators’ Award in 2009 in Canada.
He deals with international relations and comparative government of the Middle East and the Northeast Asia security complex.

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